“Wood Theater” Housing in Golasecca

The project is located in Golasecca, a small town and village in the province of Varese, overlooking the wide valley formed by the Ticino river below, and with the advantage of being only a few kilometres from the Milan Malpensa Airport.

A pleasant and easily accessible locality with an important past linked to the pregallic culture of Golasecca. It is also known for the manufacturing history linked to the Missoni brand, a historic fashion firm known and appreciated internationally.

The project focuses precisely on the industrial building that housed Missoni's historic production headquarters, destined to be replaced by a residential complex designed for permanent and/or temporary residential functions, favoured by the site's accessibility, the pleasantness of the hamlet, its landscape quality, and the peculiar beauty of the landscape of the Ticino River and Lake Maggiore.

The project therefore proposes a series of volumes articulated according to the logic of the "Italian theatre", with the overlooks of the residential units participating in the spectacle of nature, which is represented in all its luministic and chromatic variability, degrading from the street level of the historic villa towards the woodland below and the riverside, activating a process of integration between the different elevations, the built volumes and the surrounding natural system.