Tbilisi Gardens urban design competition

Tbilisi holds a treasure in the center of its metropolitan area. A treasure that has a noble and functional historical origin. A treasure that over time has become significant in history and collective memory: from an artificial basin it turns into a lake, and then from a lake into a sea.

The Project we have developed changes it, without depriving it of its acquired prerogatives and functions, into a “Water Garden” located at the center of a system of concentric Gardens. The Garden is composed and characterized by the extraordinary body of water and the series of architectural pavilions built at the foot of the water at distances varying between 700 and 1300 meters. The Pavilions are a valuable showcase of architecture and a set of excellent services in the fields of culture, art, media, traditional anthropocultural activities, research in the field of science and technology, artificial intelligence and the virtual world. Water is the preponderant element of the first Garden and is ennobled and made unique by the relationship established between it and the architecture of the Pavilions that are reflected in it.

The second Garden extends from the banks of the Water-Garden to the ring formed by the Road and it is an exclusively pedestrian space. This garden is characterized by a romantic ‘Naturalistic Forest’ that hosts beaches, reefs, marinas, the existing accommodation facilities and services.

On the opposite side of the Road, there is the third garden represented by the contemporary version of the Garden City. In the project, there is an interrelation between mineral and vegetal elements, between the built environment and relational spaces (tree-lined streets, garden squares, parks, vegetable gardens and countryside sections, ....), but the latter are enhanced by environmental expedients aimed at limiting energy consumption and using alternative energy sources.