Nardò Sports Hall

Designing the new "Palazzetto" means combining macro and small scales, city and countryside, traditional and innovative materials, consolidated landscapes and spaces of change, technology and poetry, functionality and formal characters, global reasons and local feelings.

The project considers and verifies all these memories, attentions and convictions, and tends to "build a place" that belongs to Nardò but is also recognisable to those who have never been to Salento and Nardò, a place ready to be made their own by the Neretini but also to constitute itself as a place belonging to broad and culturally distant geographical and anthropological circuits.

The 'Palazzetto' is combined in the project with a Palm Grove, a local heritage with distant African, and more specifically Moroccan, echoes: Marrakech and its Palmares.

The marriage of the two parts (Palazzetto and Palm Grove) tends to create a unique and unrepeatable place, made up of a "cyclopean" structure and a combination of a botanical species, imported from Africa in the 19th century, and increasingly established in the construction of the Salento landscape.

The volume of the Palazzetto will show itself permanently different with ever-changing plays of light and shadow throughout the day, and with progressive colouring from dawn to dusk, leaving the thin metal canopy that surrounds it, placed at the height of the transition from the first to the second ashlar band, the task in the evening of the play of light between the faces of the multiple ashlars produced by the spotlights located in it, and facing up and down the "monumental ashlar monolith".