Housing in Gallipoli St.

The Project identifies at the urban scale the role of "hinge" that the Area will be able to express in the context of its belonging and of cycling-pedestrian "by pass" between the Station and the City Centre.

On an architectural level, the Project aims to reify volumetrically, and in the full-empty relationship (building and open space system), the hinge role constituted by the site, and to add an architectural sign, distinctive and figuratively qualified, to the existing architectural and urban system.

The study phases highlighted the possibility of proposing a variant to the route of the new road planned between Ussano and Petraglione Streets, in order to comply with the urban morphology of the pre-existing Umberto I┬░ complex and to obtain an amalgamation of the areas of the Notary Archives. The latter would then be used for services (parking, green areas, etc.), or as an extension and/or completion of the blind front of the adjacent building.

The Project aims to enhance the relationship between inside and outside through the "commercial" functions housed on the street level and to raise the socialisation rate of the urban space inside the block, bordered by Viale Gallipoli, SP 362, Via di Ussano, Viale Quarta and mainly used for public and daytime functions, thanks to the residences on the ground floor.

The future complex will be open, permeable, penetrable, overlooking public and/or collective spaces of reference for the urban context to which it belongs.

The "easy, light and friendly" character of the intervention will also be achieved through a close dialectic between mineral and vegetable elements. The "stone" of the architecture will be constantly interconnected with the "green" of the hanging gardens, vertical gardens, tree and shrub diaphragms, placed in continuity with, and in integration with, the tree-lined avenues, the garden courtyards of Palazzo Principe Umberto, the garden area of future formation adjacent to the Notarial Archives and - more indirectly - related to the Park that will accompany the future "City of Art and Music".