Italian Museum in Renaissance City

Among the centrality role envisaged under the project for Reanissance City, the “Museum of the Renaissance” is the landing point for the highest expressions of the history of Italian culture, a sort of “museum of museums” who will find a permanent establishment where host themed exhibitions and exposure of their rotation works normally stored and exhibited in Italy.

The Museum and related services costituite a complex structure that houses within commercial facilities, restaurants, showrooms, galleries and event space, articulated from a recognizable system of open public spaces including plazas , gardens and fountains that collectively as ideal and new “Piazza Grande”.

The main exhibition building poses lifted from the ground creating large areas of ground covers and where the porticoed entraces and catering facilities are also open to the city; the exhibition spaces are formed the model of Vasari’s Uffizi Gallery in Florence, both for the size and plant, which is reinterpreted and shaped according to the most updated conservative and exhibition criteria. The other exhibition spaces combine together to offer an updated look and privileged cultural Italian activities . A “Museum Hotel” complete and integrates the identified services and build capacity planned for the city center.