Expo Italian Pavilion competition

The concept of Palazzo Italia identifies the central icon in the Tree of Life and the generating element and morphogenetic space and its composition. The “Tree of Life” takes on the role of a spatial apparatus, technological and distribution as well as a metaphorical meaning refers to the contribution that Italy and its culture have given the overall development of Western history, and more. In the project the “Tree of Life” activates a spatial and morphological dialectic between himself and the volume that contains it, with which it integrates and which is proposed as architectural basilica type. The vast emptiness that characterizes the internal configuration of the basilica type is suitable for the development of the tree, proposing itself as the greenhouse, nursery, referring to the “inner cavity” symbol of femininity, of generating capacity and life force. The dialectic between the volume basilica and the tree structure is not limited to express the relationship between container and content, but through the projection upward and out of the second represents the inability to curb the vital and deeply creative forces that have characterized the development of our culture. The theme of the square is declined in a sense that draws back the history of the cities of Italy, their architecture in relation to the geographical uniqueness of our country, which is significantly related to the sea, often built by the water and open squares mean by this condition. In the project the water is not facing the square, but it is below the surface, as it is in the basement of Milan, reflects and multiplies in the perception of spatial and semantic representation and metaphorical. The tree, and simultaneously element symbol of the relationship between culture and culture, of vital energy, expressed in an even more explicit this connotation through its metaphorical root systems that run along the system of Cardo and are constituted by a bundle of tubes that produce energy through the generation of algae. The project calls for dialogue with nature established through the root system, even through the water that characterizes the square figuratively.