Trieste Waterfront competition

The plan volumetric elements which characterizes the project are: the apogeal structure on the sea, linked to the Canal Grande; the “triage” and the water pool which express the city’s rotation on Pi¬azza Tommaseo and Via Mercato Vecchio; the light beam which highlights the Molo Audace’s pres¬ence in the city (symbolized by Teatro Vecchio); the landing-wharf paving material of the Stazione Marittima; the water pool which dynamically ex¬presses Piazza Unità monumental complex over¬looking the Riva; the city inner square overlooking the sea next to the ex Pescheria; the ground signs which represent the city’s rotation in connection to Riva Augusta and Ottaviano Augusto junction.

The project’s general goal is briefly expected to simplify and rationalize the traffic pattern control, both in terms of viability and urbanity.