Alfaparf offices

The building is designed to house the offices of Alfaparf, a company active in the production of cosmetic products and in the marketing of equipment related to such activity. The design choise featuring the intervention was to intervene on the comer building, introducing a new fully glazed volume and “suspended” on the top of the same as “exceptional” that accentuates the recognition around; the new space is designed to accommodate events to the public about the company’s activities and events to promote the dissemination of made in Italy. Existing facades are renovated and underlying of colored light gray to conform to the adjacent volume, tone the upholstered frames of the windows are cleaned and restored as the stones of the base and the replace¬ment of existing windows and doors with two doors and new window and doors with single panel to enhance the relationship between full and empty plastic. The interval between the existing roof and the new glass top volume allows the formation of a covered terrace designed also to manifestations and events. These choices allow you to renew the architectural style of the building, housed in an urban context in strong transformation and looking for new identity, while guaranteeing figurative and typological aspects consistent with the surroundings.